Friday, July 17, 2009

Jump Start Summer & Another GIVEAWAY!

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Are YOU are driving your kids nuts??? Come on....are you driving them nuts yet??
I push mine outdoors and we have lots to do, most days, but once in awhile it's nice to come in the house, shut down the shades, crank up the A/C and let them veg.
My little Z-man has found his veg... it's this!

Jump Start online has been his new little passion...or should I say obsession...and a good one I might add! Before school got out, every day he'd come home and say, "Mom! Can I PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE play the cool jumping game!! Please...." I gave him 20 minutes after school each day to play some Jump Start....and I was so impressed with what he learned in that short period of time.

Here's a list of a few of our favorites features!

  • EASY to navigate - He had NO trouble at all using and CD game "3D Virtual World - Legend of Grizzly McGuffin"
  • Creating his own avatar - "Jumpees"...he LOVED this part!
  • The games are educational, but fun! As he enjoyed playing "video games" and didn't even realize he was learning so much....actually, I take that back. He did realize it. He called me over to the computer about every 26 seconds to show me a new word he could spell or a math problem he solved.
  • Another great feature is it's personalized for each child and it's creative, bright, and let's them use their allows them to create and think.
  • Progress Reports! Yes, I get his progress reports emailed to me that show me what he's learned and completed....oh, yeah, and they have a Parent section...oh and a blog!
  • He loves AdventureLand!! They can explore and are given missions. Here are a few screen shots of his adventures...

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So I guess what I'm trying to say is...Jump Start has created a great online World and CD program for kids! I give it 2 thumbs up....and so does Z-man!!!

you can't hear him right now....but he's asking to get on and play as I type....

Sonia, over at Jump Start has offered a lucky reader a 3-month membership to! A free upgrade to use and take advantage of the entire site!! Perfect for the summer months! It's a great tool to keep your kid's minds thinking and not forgetting everything they learned over the past 9 months of's so much better than a "workbook"....and who wants to sit down and do a workbook during the summer?? NOT ME!

Here are the entry rules:

  • For one entry just leave me a comment
  • For 5 Entries: Visit (click the link and scroll down) They have HUGE list of skills that Jump Start helps kids with...Just leave a comment and let us know which skills your kids could use some help and/or refreshing on.
  • For 5 Extra Entries: Follow my blog
  • For 5 More Entries: Follow me on Twitter @cherishbound176 and Tweet about it. Please leave tweet URL in comment

Please leave separate comments for each entry (just 4 separate don't have to do 16 comments), and you must leave your email or have your email in your blogger profile or a new winner will be selected. Giveaway runs until, Sunday, July 26 @ 11:59pm. Open to anyone who can get online!

And I also saw that they're going to have Jump Start For the Wii soon! Hopefully they'll let me review that one too! {WINK-WINK}!!

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Aubrey said...

Wow! Considering that my kids are just about Kindergarten age, this looks awesome. Spelling, phonics, math, all of it. Great give away! Thank you!

Aubrey said...


C Mommy said...

Sounds like a winner!!

Donita said...

Thanks for the contest. Will be checking out My DS 7 has the cd 1st grade game and loves it.

Me said...

Just checked out the link for I can't seem to find the list of skills you were talking about, but we are excited to see there will be a wii version soon also.

Me said...

following your blog with google reader

Me said...

and finally...
following you on twitter

longge said...

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