Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Vacations 1950's vs. 2009

Vacation in Michigan
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I was quietly reading a magazine by the pool this weekend.... (yes, I did squeeze 12 minutes of quiet time) when I read this interesting and slightly disturbing fact. Honestly, I about fell over!

The average price per day a family of four spent in 1950 while on vacation


The average price per day a family of four will spend on vacation today


Honestly....I think I may have enjoy the vacations back in the 50's WAYYYY more than the over-priced, over-done vacations of today.

And...this really got me too...

Average annual vacation days given:

Italy 42

France 37

Germany 35

Brazil 34

United Kingdom 28

Canada 26

Korea 25

Untied States 13

FYBC will resume next week!!


heather said...

So sad. It kind of makes me curious about family structures in those countries that value time off -if they report less stress and better relationships in their lives.

Tina said...

Yes...I think the vacations during our childhoods had alot more meaning.

The thing about vacation days...unreal! US having the least amount...go figure that one!

Muthering Heights said...

Wow, that's an incredible makes me want to keep things simple!

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