Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Yearbook Challenge 2009 - Week 18

Summer is here and it's time to capture some summertime memories and stories!!

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Don't forget to leave a comment and check in...I'm keeping track of all the comments posted in the Family YB Challenge for a big giveaway at the end of the go back and check in each of the FYBC posts if you haven't done so.

So you've had 3 weeks of catch-up! But if you're like me...the past 3 weeks have been insane and I did NOT catch up. So I'm going to be working extra hard to get caught back up with you all.

Homework June 8-14:

1. Memorial Day - What activities, traditions or events to you participate in on Memorial Day? Tell about important people in your family that have served our country. If you don't know a lot about them, ask someone who does.

2. Describe a typical Summer Day....

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Rachelle said...

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Krystal said...

I am like you and didn't get caught up during these 3 catch-up weeks. :) But fortunately, I didn't get further behind either! I'm going to get caught up again though!