Monday, April 14, 2008

Online Workshop Series Begins!

Last summer I started an online workshop series. I'm restarting this great workshop for beginners and those who want to refresh their knowledge. The online workshop series is here to help you get your first book published. The first step is to Find your story. Start thinking about a story that has been tapping on your shoulder, one that you know needs to be told. Think about this story over the next few days. To help you organize your thoughts and timeline better I have Story Starters that come in a wide range of topics from "Falling In Love" to "When I Was Little" or how about your children's birth stories or your family vacation. Contact me now to order your Story Starter. Your Story Starter has lots of questions that will help you remember details and capture the lost stories and events. You'll be able to organize your story in chronological order, make notes of photos and memorabilia you'd like to add to help enhance your story, and being writing your story. So what are you waiting for?? You have stories waiting to be told!

Workshop #3 to follow soon!

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