Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Attention all BLOGGERS! Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #10

Many of us have good intentions to create "traditional" scrapbooks of our families and children. Some of us have spent thousands of dollars hoping to create award-winning "pages". As much as we'd LOVE to be able to sit down for hours....and scrap and crop all of the endless memories and photos of our lives....LET'S FACE IT....who has the time? The money? All the supplies!?? And who has the energy!?


REGROUP! Deep breath.....

Okay...So many of you have BEAUTIFUL blogs that tell stories of your families and children and gorgeous pictures that you post daily, weekly or even monthly. Do you realize that you have already created something that is more meaningful, creative, and organized than any scrapbook you'll come across? You have stories! You have real life memories, typed, organized and in chronological ORDER!

You now have a way to take your blog and publish it in a beautiful hardbound coffee table-style book! Yes, you can do it from your home! Through Cherish Bound, you can take all of those amazing posts, pictures, memories, stories and whatever else you can think of, and you can create BOOKS! Books for everyone in your family, multiple copies...For everyone! These books will be preserved and passed down through the generations. NowIi bet you didn't know your blog could do that!
Click here and check it out!

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