Friday, March 14, 2008

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #6

3 in 10 years vs. 38 in 3.5 years
Anyone know what that means? Anyone? Come on, take a guess....nothing?
All right, I'll tell's an explanation of my progress in life. I'm officially awesome...well, at least to my family. But hey, that's all that really matters right? Last night my husband asked me how many scrapbooks I've done since I started scrapbooking...I guess someone at work was moaning about his wife's scrapbooks, they're never finished, falling apart, can't look at them, they're wrapped in plastic....bla, bla, bla. I looked at him and smiled and told him that he should know how many...they are pictures of his LIFE! Duh! But he really didn't know...perhaps it's because he never gets to see them. Remember the vault? (previous post) Well, I explained to him that I have many scrapbooks....and he said, "How many FINISHED scrapbooks do you have?" Now he knew about my hidden boxes of "stuff" and all the papers and embellishments, and actually knew the prices of some things....he did get me a few gift certificates for Christmas. So he's up to date on the ungodly cost of all that stuff. Anyway.....I said, "Finish? Well, let's see...three." THREE! He couldn't believe it. He actually raised his voice ever so slightly and said, "You scrapbooked for 10 years and spend $88,000 and you only completed 3 scrapbooks?" I just smiled, "Uh-hum." He was shocked, silenced, but I could tell his mind was he said, "How many Cherish Bound books have you the 3 1/2 years you've been publishing?" I smiled and said, "Oh, just a few...HOW ABOUT 38!" There was a moment of silence, he smiled and quietly said, "I always knew you were the coolest wife." He-he! Redemption strikes again!

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Milk Mama said...

I wish I had learned how to scrapbook... Some day I would like to!

I'm tagging you for a game of "Meme" on my blog there are rules. =)