Friday, March 7, 2008

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #5

Yesterday I was watching Junior's Giant's 2 (bestselling Christian children's DVD. Junior has a new giant to face--a gadget-wielding advocate of materialism. Sister, Celia is running for class president, Mom must cope with her inability as a scrapbooker, Dad keeps failing to install a wireless Internet connection, and Little Man has taken to scaling tall objects. For Junior to triumph, he must continue learning to follow the Spirit, and decide to lay up his treasures in heaven rather than on earth.) I was shocked as I watched this darling cartoon unfold right before me...and my family. No one told me they were going to use my life story as the plot of this movie! The mom...yeah, that's me...or WAS me. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically as I watched this poor mom massacre her family's memories. I can laugh because again, that's my story, right? When they introduce the mom into the movie the narrator says, "Mom believed it was a mother's obligation to record her family's memories with stickers and bows in a ritual she called scrapbooking....Mom thought she was an excellent scrapbooker, a fact that was TRAGICALLY not true. Up to this point the family had avoided telling mom that her pages were horrible..." Later on in the movie there is a small debate about her "skills" and her husband proceeds to comfort her by saying, "Honey, I've always told you that you have skills NO ONE else has." So, that's a peak into my joke! My family finally came clean, and I confess, it took me a LONG time to get over the shock of not being an adequate memory preserver....but I have redeemed myself through Cherish Bound...Halleluiah.


Judy Thomas said...

Happy Party from another southeastern gal. We've been inundated with rain today... and no better way to spend a rainy day than bloghopping! (I need to be reorganizing our office desk.. but I'd rather bloghop).

Nice to meet you and I'll come back to visit longer next time. Off to a new party. Come and see me when you get the chance!

have pinny, will cook said...

Fond of preserving memories myself....getting excited about digi-scrapping coz I don't do the little sticky bits of paper so well....will have to pop back and see if you can help me!
In the meantime, my memories are preserved in cyber-space!

The Single Mom said...

It's great to meet you Tara! Hope you're enjoying the party!