Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #3

Set aside a few hours one night a week that is just for the family. Make it a reoccurring event and keep it the same time, every week. Use this time to play games, watch TV, talk, laugh, bake together, teach each other something...whatever it is, spend this time enjoying each other's company. You'll find teens making sure they're home this evening and the younger siblings will be so excited when their family night comes. My philosophy is...I'd rather my kids be at home with me, but I also want them to "want" to be at home with me. Creating these types of traditions in your own home is a great way to keep your kids at home in a safe and loving enviornment. Give them something fun and exciting to look forward to...before you know it they'll be planning your family's special nights and starting their own traditions.

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