Sunday, February 24, 2008

Heartwarming Stories: Sweet Sounds of Laughter

I started writing my "Sunday Story" and then completely changed my entire story to this one...nothing long or big, just sweet!
As I was typing a story about a favorite childhood memory, I kept hearing "giggling" in the background. I wasn't sure who was laughing, but I knew it was a few different voices...mostly girly too. So I assumed it was my daughters, 14 and 12. I then heard another little giggle, again, a girly one...and figured it had to be my 1 yr old little girl (who was supposed to already be in bed). The sweet sound of all three of my girls just giggling made me tingle inside! I wasn't sure what they were doing, but I knew they had be in the family room. My 12-year-old broke her ankle today in a soccer game and is pretty bummed out. So to hear her laughing, with her other sisters just made me smile. I kept typing and in the midst of the sweetness of laughter I could hear the "Academy Awards" music chiming in. I peaked around the corner and saw all three girls, snuggled up on the couch together, blankets, popcorn and the Academy Awards Red Carpet Previews on. They were commenting on the beautiful dresses and talking about their favorite actors and actresses. The littlest one at 1 years old right in the mix of it all. It was just too cute! I love it that they can find a few minutes out of the day, to put aside their differences, and enjoy each other as sisters and best friends!

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