Friday, February 15, 2008

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #2

AH! That's all I can say....AH! As you know, I just moved this past week. It was complete chaos...we survived, but it was crazy. We had to pack, move and downsize 2000 sq. feet into a temp rental very quickly. Obviously, I wasn't able to bring everything with me, but I did remember all my Cherish Bound stuff and my pictures and projects I'm working on...and I did have my scrapbooks. I had taken the time to pack them...very nicely in their own box. We moved 100's of boxes and furniture with no problems...none! Except for ONE box...take a guess! You got it! The scrapbook box containing ONLY 5 scrapbooks was too heavy and BUSTED open on the bottom..huh-uh! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?? Yeah...and to make it worse, it was near the GUTTER...that had the slightest amount of sprinkler water running through it from the obsessed neighbor 8 doors down. And....yes, one book hit the water pages open....yet again, another scrapbook damaged! THANK GOODNESS FOR CHERISH BOUND! Thank goodness for my private library online that holds all of my books and photos...thank goodness that I can make another copy of any book I damage...because we all know with seven pairs of hands running wild over these books I'm going to need archive guarantee forever!

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