Thursday, November 20, 2008

$200 Giveaway! Merry Christmas To You ♥ From Me!

I ♥ my bloggy friends! I'm so Thankful to have found this amazing world that I didn't know existed just months ago.
So I want to give you a Thanksgiving/Christmas present you can't live without!
Staring today and running until 11:59 pm on Friday, December 5th, I'll be giving away my best giveaway yet! Cherish Bound story products, story starters, chat cards, and even publishing!!
Don't miss out!!! You'll love everything in this giveaway!

$200 of Cherish Bound goodies!!!!!!!!

♥Gathering Chat Cards
♥Child Chat Cards
♥Sassy Binder
♥Notebook Pages
♥Writing & Publishing Guide
♥Vacation Dailies
♥Looking Back, It's My Life, A First Time For Everything Mini Story Starters♥
♥Recipe & Top Ten Mini Story Starters
♥Best Friends, Reflections of a Parent, I Did It, & All About Me Story Starters
♥Photo Bracelet
♥$29 in Cherish Bound Publishing!

Here's how you can enter!!
  1. Leave a comment & tell me a story you would love to tell your family
  2. Follow me on twitter
  3. Sign up for my newsletter (see top-right sidebar, already get it, just remind me in your comment and it counts!)
  4. Post on your own blog about the Power of Story and how Cherish Bound can help you tell your stories. (5 entries for every post!! Just make sure you link back and let me know in the comments!)
  5. Add me to your favorites (top-right side bar-I'm already a favorite? Remind me...and It counts :O)
  6. Refer a friend and have them mention you in their comment (5 entries)
  7. Register at my Cherish Bound home page (VERY bottom) (if you're already a customer it won't let you do it twice ;O)
There you GO!! I can't wait to give this amazing gift package away!
GOOD LUCK! And many blessings to you and your family!!
US Residents only. And PLEASE don't forget to leave your email!! You have to be able to give your shipping address if you win!!


lmerie said...

This sounds great! How kind!

I follow you already :) yay!

Melissa said...

This so exciting. I would love to get all of my family research organized, starting with the story of my grandmother.
And I do follow you already, I love your blog!

Mandie said...

I'd love to tell the stories of my grandfather, a WWII vet!

angie said...

I subscribed to your newsletter. I follow u on twitter (pricousins), and I will come back after I blog about this.

My mother passed in April of 2007 and Cherish Bound will help me tell the story of us, starting with my 78 year old, Vietnam Veteran grandfather, to my mom, to myself & my children, and pass it on down the line!


Lyn-Dee said...

Hey Tara - new to this Cherish Bound concept but I have registered on CB website, ordered your newsletter, and signed on to twitter (following you of course).

I would love to share the story of our adoption of Lincoln Tadiwos, our 3 yrd old son from Ethiopia.

Lyn-Dee (sparkie09)

Mom's mind said...

Hello, this is my first time reading your blog, it's wonderful.

I would like to tell the story of how my son and I started a new life in a whole new state after experiencing years of domestic violence.

God Bless.

Michelle said...

Hello...I follow you on twitter, it's nice to be introduced to your blog and no better way than a giveaway! The story I want to tell is about my father. He died 4 years ago and my kids will never know him. I just had my first son, and I wish they could have spent some time together. I'm preparing all of my dads pictures, getting them scanned and working on other documents to put together and would also like to give it as a gift to my brothers...I have a lot to do!

AMH615 said...

Hi! I follow you on Twitter (amh615) and I favorited you in Technorati, (hurst007) and my story would be about my favorite family times as a child, on our trips to the 'country', to DisneyWorld, and playing poker with Grandpa during the holidays!

Julie said...

thanks for the giveaway

Linda said...

My mom has an amazing life story. I would love to record it while she is still able to participate. This is an amazing and generous giveaway!

I subscribe to your newsletter ... and I'm a follower ... I even have your link on the side bar of my blog!

ThereO said...

I would love to tell the story of my father-in-law (of course, I would need my husband's help). My father-in-law passed away two years ago and I would really like to get his stories captured for our children before everyone forgets.