Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday's Traditions #1

Valentine's Day is approaching and no better time to start a fun family tradition. This one is FUN, EXCITING, and the kids really love this one! What is it? A Heart Attack!

Let me explain...
We started this tradition a few years ago. My kids and I wanted to do something special for their daddy. We wanted it to be creative and they really wanted something that would surprise him. So we decided to give him a heart attack.

We cut up about 100 paper hearts, all different colors and sizes. We wrote poems, quotes, and what we loved about him on each of the hearts. Then on Valentine's Day, while he was working in his office we drove over to the parking garage where he parked his car. We had to beg the parking garage guard to please let us through...we were giving our daddy a heart attack. He was a little reluctant, but he let us through. We found his truck and went to work!

We taped the hearts all over his truck...it was 100% covered. I had an extra key, so I opened the door and we put them inside too! We left a picture of all us on his seat and his favorite candy bar. We locked the truck back up, and hurried out of there.

We waited all day for him to come home. The kids were so excited they couldn't stand it. Finally, he arrived home...with the biggest smile and maybe a tear or two. He was surprised and moved...he couldn't believe what we had done! He loved it and it was the talk of the office for a few weeks. He saved all the hearts and now has the picture of us on his desk for everyone to see!

This is the first "Tuesday Tradition". Every Tuesday I will post a new tradition you can start with your family!


Certified Healing Coach said...

What a wonderful idea for your family!

And what patience you must have to cut out all those hearts!! :)


* said...

Yes, Patience is a must, but that's the best part of having 5 kids :O)