Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Preserving A Legacy

I love nothing more than to listen to my grandparent's tell me "their" version of their childhood memories and stories. They are the only ones that can give me a sense of where I came from and what to expect from life. "Their" versions are priceless! But what happens when they're not told, shared or preserved? More often than not, these amazing stories, memories and pictures and lost and gone forever. With no listening ears or ways to preserve and share, the history of ourselves...of our family traditions are slowly falling by the wayside. Families now, more then ever, need these stories and traditions to anchor them down and turn them to each other for guidance, support and love.

The Legacy Collection of Story Starters can help any grandparent or parent find, capture and begin sharing their precious stories, memories and photos. This collection of 5 Story Starters includes; I Did It, I Remember When..., Lessons About Life, When I Was Little, and Military.

These Story Starters will help them organize, remember and gather their personal information easily. With 100's of questions they're sure to remember all of their favorite stories and memories. What an amazing gift to give...the Gift Of Story!

We can't control when our lives on this Earth will end, but we can control what legacy we leave behind. Help your family preserve and share their stories. As Alex Haley once said....

"Every time an old person dies, it's like a library burning down."

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