Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Cherish Bound Opportunity

Cherish Bound offers an amazing business opportunity for all consultants. The benefits of owning your own business from home are endless. Personal benefits, family benefits and practical benefits are just a few of the great rewards Cherish Bound consultants reap. The opportunity to teach families about traditions, memories and preserving their stories and photos is a blessing in its self. But going beyond the obvious, the business side of it all, gives me the strength I need everyday to wake up and be the best mom, wife, and business owner I can possibly be.

I personal have grown mentally, physically and spiritually since I started my business. I've improved many personal skills. For example my leadership abilities have been strengthened as I manage and train a very large team of successful consultants. And I'm learning to perfect my organizational skills along the way. I've learned the art of delegation and have realized I'm very capable of living two lives, one as a mommy and wife and the other as a professional business women. I personally have created friendships that will last a lifetime and have strengthened my family bonds. I love waking up and actually "getting ready" for the day....getting out of the sweats and into nice clothes, hair done, make-up on, and even shaved legs.

My Family has benefited from my Cherish Bound business as well. With mommy working from home, I'm allowed to be there for my kids everyday. I'm home when they get out of school, I can take them to the doctors, volunteer at their schools...and the list goes on. My children and husband have seen that I have skills and qualities that are important outside of family life. My children are involved in helping me with my business, from filing to message taking and helping with siblings.

The practical benefits of owning your own business are endless. Not only does it provide a "Second income", but the tax benefits are always a plus. My technology and life skills are constantly sharpened and put to good use. I continue with educating myself and keeping up to date on the latest trends and ideas in my industry. I have found that my home is kept tidy and clean when I host my own gatherings and you never know when a customer will need to "Drop by".

Cherish Bound allows everyone the opportunity to stay at home while growing a successful business. I love that I can be a mommy and wife one day and a Leader of an amazing company the next. I love that I'm writing my own story of success!

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