Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Are Family Traditions?

Family Traditions are the culture and personality of a family.

Traditions make up who we are.I'm sure you understand that it's important to keep track of your family's stories and photos. Have you thought to document your traditions? Do you have stories from grandma or maybe a copy of her recipe card from your favorite Christmas Eve dish? How about an interview with granddad and why he holds certain traditions close to his heart?

While holidays and family reunions hold many traditions, most times traditions are the simple and sweet things that we don't remember to document. Every week or maybe even every day your family life holds traditions too. Traditions can be lost and forgotten as members of our families pass on or move away. Whether you're practicing your traditions or maybe they've faded, you can still document them and preserve them. Through story, photos and memorabilia you can share a legacy with those around you. Maybe it's a written letter that you received every year from Santa, or maybe a tradition of taking a long walk on Sundays after church. Just start now by recording in a journal your memories of your traditions.

And of course, don't forget the new traditions you and your family have created. It can be as simple as the funny song you sing to each other when someone is having a bad day or the colored Happy Birthday sign that each child gets hung up in the kitchen during their birthday week. Take the time to preserve these memories and traditions with your children and those close to you and create traditions that will help bind your family together.

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