Friday, July 27, 2007

Opportunities and Adventures!

Is your head spinning with ideas for your own personal stories and books? Are you thinking of all the people you know who have a story? Have you considered the lives that would be changed as you help others find, capture, and share their stories? Are you amazed that you can really make money at something you love? If so - you need to join me!

Some of the benefits of becoming a CherishBound consultant are:
• Earn extra income or replace an income.
• Receive discounts on your own products and publishing.
• Spend time doing what you want.
• Create friendships to last a lifetime.
• Own your own business and be your own boss.
• Join a new, fun and exciting opportunity.
• Impact generations.
• Grow with a fresh, innovative company as part of an exciting new industry.
• Earn commissions on your team’s product and publishing sales.
• Receive an immediate income every time you help someone get started in their business. Fast start bonuses are a great way to provide immediate income for yourself as you help others get started quickly in their businesses.

Join NOW and get FREE registration to Convention!
Join all of your Cherish Bound friends for a Rewards Convention at the Four Corners Storytelling Festival in New Mexico filled with inspiring stories by master storytellers like Syd Lieberman, hear motivating speakers, participate in custom built workshops by storytelling and business experts, enjoy networking breakouts, receive training, some well-earned pampering and take home the latest product, news and tools!

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