Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air....

Have you had one of those quiet moments where you sit back, relax and take a good look around, a deep breath of fresh air, and think....wow....it really doesn't get any better than this?  

If you have, tell me about it....because I haven't had a moment of sitting back and looking around for a long time...and the only deep breath of fresh air I've had is from gasping for air as i force myself to finish my 6 am workouts before the crew takes over my life.

I've been neck deep in life....and can I just say....it really doesn't get any better than this.  

I sometimes used to have this habit of thinking to myself.....when the kids are older I won't have to sit and do homework with them anymore, they'll be able to do it all by themselves, or when they're all in school I'll have time go to the market alone (alone, is that really possible) and actually remember to use my coupons, or when the older ones are off to college I won't have to drive 100 miles round trip to soccer and worry about who's using their cell phone too much.

Funny thing...I want all of it...every crazy chaotic moment of it to be my life....I don't want this part of our family to change.....just yet.  I want to keep spending hours at the kitchen table doing homework with all of my kids....i want to keep taking my toddlers to the grocery store and push the big race car shopping carts around as we clear isles and make huge obnoxious scenes...i want to keep driving with my girls up and down the freeway so we can just be together.

My breath of fresh air comes when my 3 yr old twins will, without fail, ask to brush their teeth 8 times a day and want to change their clothes just as many times....or when my 7 yr old begs me to please jump in the pool and swim with him even though I just took a shower and did my hair for the first time in 3 days....or when my 14 yr old text me from school, yes ME, of all people, to thank me for helping her study for her test that she got an A, or when my 16 yr old talks to me for over 50 miles about her friends, life, interest and spiritual experiences.

That is fresh air.  Life is constantly happening and I'm not going to miss one crazy moment of it....which is why I've been MIA here in the blog world.  I've attempted to start posting probably 20 times, but something always seems to pull me away.  But I think, maybe, hopefully, once again, I can get back to blogging just a little bit.  My extended family has been drilling me about doing a blog so they can keep up with the family.  So we'll see...hopefully I can get back on track and get back to the fun blabbing and chatting that we do around here in the blog world.  But I can't promise anything spectacular or exciting....

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Carla McDaniel said...

That is a great post. Thanks for sharing it! A great reminder of what my "fresh air" is all about. :)

Becky said...

Over 15 years ago I started a list entitled "Things to Do when Michelle's in School" and although she's been in school for 10 years, the list just keeps getting longer and longer!

Now that they've started leaving home, I don't have to do as many carpools and soccer practices; instead we're doing other errands (two trips to the post office in two days to send them things!). I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Families are wonderful. Have fun with yours!

Carol said...

You're a wise mommy... breathe them in!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

so glad to see you on here..please email me your address I lost it and have your books ready to go my email is melissa@organizedlifebydesign.com


smacula said...

you're so awesome! I know how fast time flies and keep pinching myself that Chelsea is graduating in a couple of weeks... you remind me that fresh air is definitely just enjoying each day we have with our families and not wishing it would all be over so we can do other things that really won't mean as much!!! I love you---some day I'm going to Florida to visit-have a great day!!

Snake River Stories said...

Sweet post! I miss you, but you are right on track! Family IS Everything!!!

Love - n - hugs,

Rachael said...

Wow this is amazing. I don't even have half the kids that you do and you seem to be so involved. We could all hope to be as amazing as you are. I look forward to furture posts. Even though I've missed out on so much I feel like I can catch up a bit with things like this. I miss you.

kanishk said...

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