Friday, May 21, 2010

100 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer and Keep Your Family Busy! 6-10

Here are 5 more ideas for your summer bucket list!

6.  Car Wash Day - Let the kids wash the car...their bikes, big wheels, tricycle....if it's got wheels let it be washed!  My kids love a bucket of water, some bubbles and a rag.  They can spend hours washing all of their vehicles.
7. Service Project - Look around your neighborhood or community for opportunities to serve.  There are many ways that your children can serve right along with you.  Maybe the local animal shelter, picking up litter at your neighborhood park, our helping an elderly neighbor with yard work...there are 100's of ways to service.

8.  Cooking and Baking - Have some cooking and baking lessons in your very own kitchen.  Maybe your 4-year-old learns to make a PB&J sandwich or you 16-year-old gets to learn how to make pizza from scratch.  Whatever the ages, there are lots of items on the menu that will allow for a fun day in the kitchen.  

9.  Butterfly Farm - We tried this a long time ago and it was one of the highlights of our summer.  We purchased a butterfly kit and literally raised butterflies and then set them free later in the summer.  A great place to purchase is  

10.  Indoor Fort - Some days are just meant to be indoors.  When temps hit in the 100's or the humidity is at a whopping 99%, life is just better inside with the AC.  My kids LOVE to make forts all over the house.  We pull all the sheets and blankets out, keep the lights off and enjoy a nice cool day in the forts. 
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Andrea said...

I think I may give the butterfly farm a go! My daughter has been BEGGING for a butterfly garden. Maybe we could release some into that!

Janelle said...

Tara, I want to make a Kindergarten book for my son but I cant find a link to your cherish bound site anywhere... maybe I'm just overlooking it. Can you email me? janelletaliercio @ g mail dot com.

longge said...
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Jalapandro said...

Dear Tara,
I just want to say that I find this blog very entertaining, but soo true! You have many good ideas for the summer vacations of boredom. I suddenly want to try these even though I am a quarter into my school year. Keep it up! You could make a published list with the way this is coming. :)
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jennyjoseph jenny said...

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